Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Traveller's Friend Challenge

1. Which famous contemporary novel is this quoted from?
'Travelling,' she sighed. 'So predictable.'
'What's wrong with travelling?'
'Avoiding reality more like.'

2. Which Danish writer, who lived in Africa, said that the Danish character was like 'dough without leavening'?

3. In which famous market in Cape Town can you buy everything organic, farm-fresh and eco-friendly, in a Victorian warehouse?

4. Who wrote that 'The mildest-tempered people, when on land, become violent and bloodthirsty when in a boat'?

5. Which humorous poet and landscape painter, who finally settled in San Remo with his cat, impressed Queen Victoria so much with his 'Illustrated Excursions in Italy' that she summoned him to court to give her drawing lessons?

6. Who wrote that 'We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us'?

7. On which map was the oldest use of the phrase 'Here be Dragons'?

8. In the days of the Grand Tour, what was a cicerone?

9. What happened to the offices of the Baedeker guidebooks in 1943?

10. When he arrived from Peru with a battered suitcase after travelling as a stowaway in a ship's lifeboat, Paddington Bear was wearing a tag saying what?